Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Regulation Hell

Regulatory statements - it would be funny if it wasn't so ridiculous .
They know the problem - who doesn't. Point is they really don't know the solution . After all they just spent 55 million on a shallow edict called “so shall we workum” The stupidity of the campaign is highlighted by the careless use of the silly simple idea that you get less regulation by having less laws and courts - the laws must be better --not more crass!( like leaving out conciliation and putting in pay ; money isn't everything mate!) Now we can ditch 100yrs of history because we kNOW better --me thinks you no nuttin .

There will be no release from the cul de sac of over regulation until we turn the post modern ideas on their heads and drive ourselves out ,,,as we drove ourselves in .
The left has no power of its own in ideological terms, so it now uses our taxes to exercise power. And while the right has no longer a high view of man, the merely mechanical, the merely animal traps them with something less than the freedom of principle - both parties NOW prefer the known boundaries of the power of law .

What? Because we know no better ? Both parties now beating our heads with this pussy footing woosiness?
Do they not SEE they are kicking against the pricks -against the freedom paradigms of our parents .

Monday, October 31, 2005

Lawyers heaven

A BILL of rights - two wrongs don't make a right- to change the law ( and introduce a new heirachy) they just create two more lawyers .
The desperation of so many and their haste to enshrine their own doctrine of divine purity in law is very evident in the range of bills proposed by different groups at this time .

Clearly most don't know what world view they are coming from . how else do you explain Bracks dumber than dumb use of the Appeals Tribunal ---the bILL of rights advocates going to the other extreme - The high court .

BOTTOM LINE-- it won't work except very inefficiently ....and therefore unjustly !

Friday, March 04, 2005

Singing in Church- Business knows Best

Practical people from the old world would be agast at the way modern polys fall for simple ideas .
That rebel Saul and old greek and roman thinker ,for example , after writing about
revolutionary paradigms restated the old adage of his forebears that Governments, whether we like it or not , believe it not. ( according to Romans 13:1) have very special status above business .
Those heretics who want it otherwise need to remember the consequences of their simplicities in promoting greed ,cringe mentalities , corruption, singlemindedness and woosiness .
Anyone who wants to revolutionise or destroy western civilization as we know it better not ignore the effect of that simple principle widely adopted andaccepted for thousands of years---

Friday, January 07, 2005

Vic and Qld governements can't believe people are so unaccepting of their brilliance on matters of new judicial process.- it may be more efficient but is it just .
Take this eg from QLD
The guilt of a person accused of a vegetation clearing offence under the VMA is determined not by a court but by an official. (The judicial trials mandated by Division 3 have no application to vegetation clearing offences under the VMA). If an authorised officer issues a compliance notice, a failure to comply without a reasonable excuse results in an automatic penalty. (Maximum of 1665 penalty units or $ 116,550 - s.55) The innocuous term ‘compliance notice’ masks what is actually a straightforward conviction and sentence without trial.