Monday, March 19, 2007

2 beautiful boundaries

A minister parked his car in a no-parking zone in a large city because he was short of time and couldn't find a space with a meter.
Then he put a note under the windshield wiper that read: "I have circled the block 10 times. If I don't park here, I'll miss my appointment."Forgive us our trespasses."

When he returned, he found a citation from a police officer along with this note. "I've circled this block for 10 years. If I don't give you a ticket, I'll lose my job. "Lead us not into temptation."

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Enshrining-- the new theology for wannabes ?

You don't expect Non christians to pick up when a Judeo Christian imperative is being undermined, but when progressive Christians want to sign up to "the evangelical climate initiative ", they allow the secularists to pull the carpet from under them theologically;-we should be concerned over what those blokes are still standing on!

Instead of looking to where we in the west came from, and noting the critical erosion of empowerment going on all around them , too many Christians are busily check listing some other idol's novel theologies and their tangible, but very trite trinkets --the action agenda items --

So Patronising is Ok after all?
"Noone ELSE needs to understand the problem (the tree of knowledge)except us; we are going to solve the problem for everyone -said the angel of light - a beautifully kind act -enshrined forever. OR convinced about what is right in their own minds they do it - with the best of intention - not even a bernard shaw mandate let alone a christian one ! "We have always wanted to do this --and its best for the children ". Surely , the very authors of this hypocritical stuff tore down the opportunity for faith by their children by calling Judeo Christian too "patronising "

Christianity offers a enshrined process for redemption, but enshrined solutions for each man's greed ,obsfuscation and impact is quite another matter.

After all, God created and gives man great freedom, even if other men would willingly take it away from them.
The very raft of western security and effective action is moving slowly away from those who once owned it - without so much as mumor of concern for the drowning public and the once empowered . All it takes for evil to prosper , it seems , if for the children to ignore the wisdom of the ages and believe in some new half baked version - that doesn't work and builds big castles with weak walls . The evolved ,moving with the times, edition .

Maybe the church should remove " Fear not ",from the Angels chorus to the shepherds? After all, its clearly not in Gore's or Flannery's chorus. Maybe, the progessives may be thinking ? just maybe, "a bit of fear would be good for Christianity" too --a sort of "necessary for motivation" type theology?" Nature gives it mandate to fear so why shouldn't we ? Heretics!!!!

Where are the church historians and theologians who say "theology is what we are good at" --not this messing around in technological fixes - some "common agreement" ( church history tells us we best weigh up very clearly the reasons for pontificating on political questions; a clear scriptural mandate or interpretation is required . The political mandate historically for all Christians is often accepted personally ( worked out ) if not known clearly as "worked in" to wider church matters ).

Many christians might be surprised to know that while stewardship is an accepted scriptural brief, the dominant operating fad of the moment is an unbalanced post modern adaption and blinkered view of the historically accepted worked out one. Are the progressives really showing respect for those who show themselves approved here ?

I reject those who call for discipleship, but do not accept the disciplines of the mind. The obligation for all chritians is work to work out in fear and trembling -not to put fear and trembling before the work !
For example, all those , like Joseph who operate under the mandate of Romans 13 . All the minds over the Club of Rome couldn't get the end of oil right, so why is some hastily constituted group ( cf the "attending continually" word used in romans 13:6) going to be so much more responsible about the end of the cool man?
Quoting scientists is not enough - the media and the partisans do that all the time !The right sort of fear mentioned here is the idea that " we don't know everything!" Let's not quote scientists or scripture, but let them both speak for themselves - now that would be more biblical !!

So without any resistance, the new/old heresy of Enshrinement steams on ahead as the new saviour for the wannabe powerfuls -leaving "good old empowerment as "old hat" and discarded in its wake. The new idea is seen by the secular theology innovators as "A way of making long term effective behavioural change" . They seem to think such impositions on our children , provided they are done with best of intention ( and "thats all that matters"- isn't it? )are OK .Whose the patriach now ?"It hasn't been tried yet " or at least we haven't tried it, so,... it will be news winning stuff for a while , at least .
Enshrinement talk is a "innovative idea " but it just won't work long term . Just another quick fiz patchup job on the road to serfdom.

Secularists and those who insist that men's behaviour is rational are clearly getting nervous . Their worldframe is not tough enough to get people to " think about and change the way they live " ( a phrase used to describe the need for carbon emission legislation enshrinement this week in the english parliament ) .This presumably helps explain their acceptance of fear ( "its a natural thing and natural is good", so lets manufacture some? heretical science and philosophy , but it goes unchallenged!!

Surprise surpise .This desperate mismatch of metaphors just simply won't work . Borrowing from the sacred is not brilliant innovation but indolent disrespect for the enshrined docrines of paradigm control; In the real world, precision matters and only sound logic ( including paradigm control) works well . Study to show you know what you what you are talking about ! Motivating men is not for novices and fanatics!

STAND BACK and OBSERVE the behaviour, and the arguments
Crys for "Enshrinement" often say more about the powerlessness and desperation of the wannabees than they do about the causes "righteousness" . "I have discovered the truth and i will insist on new generations accepting it whether they like it ,think it , or not".
Clearly, it is a piece of blatant hypocrisy to talk about the sacredness of reason and its role in a modern secular society - and then make it so our children cannot make choices, or even think for themselves.
So what are our theologians saying about that !

Even if the final cause was sound , the method of getting there is both mistaken and wrong. Forcing the issue just simply doesn't work because the real world doesn't work that way. ---Unfortunately for the secular materialist, ideas and freedom are still rights everyone who is here, or ever comes here , is entitled to.
---Unfortunately for the monists , real logic insists you can't mix metaphors ( secular and religious) without risking the creation of lunatic soups and technocolour yawns .
According to the Gospel, men must choose the good and "the way out", because they will never accept and follow the truth and the way out , till they own it themselves.