Sunday, September 23, 2012

Its all about me politicians

Can't even focus on the effect of supporting legislation to include gays in the Marriage Act
My point is that the history of the best of western ( Christian ) culture is to make an absolutely minimum number of laws to regulate people's choices - for when children are involved and NEED protection .The russians can see it but we can't.
Penny Wong completely misses THIS critical point . I struggle to understand why thinking people and her own party take her seriously. She doesn't even get close to properly considering the critical need for civil marriage in most cultures and most of history .

To quote her 
" To suggest that marriage should be defined only by reference to children would mean marriages in which someone is infertile would not be allowed.Marriages where the couple did not want to have a family wouldn’t be allowed.Marriages where the couple were too old to have children wouldn’t be allowed".

 To me it all seems to be about "what I want " not about "what the law is for ".
I have listened enough to her before to just " switch off "completely .I will do it again.Our kids deserve better