Friday, October 04, 2013

Left left with nothing but Laws

Maxine McKew and others on the drum  tonight symbolize the fanaticism and desperate cul de sac mentality of trying to rule by laws alone . Too much "talk tough" talk with some "bad group" shifts the context ( need for toughness all over ).

Maxine , typical of this generation of deniers (think that OTHER men need more rules, not a saviour ) uses the nice word "protocol " while the chorus of "tough " talk rattles around in their cage; more like some carcass hunting noisy  bird rather than some animal of true threat and substance ( the lion ) on the ground.Our society was built on the idea of a saviour who helps you budget well  , not the stupid Labor  saviour who just carelessly pays the bills.
Thedrum ,while a great show , needs to have more genuine experts on it - otherwise it will be treated as it often treats itself ----carrion speculation over the entrails .
The "Spectators" treatment of the AWB scandal was so simplistic as to be plain scandalous . OK mate if you are going to talk across everyone -get it right and don't be like everyone else -trite ;Agriculture and environment is a ' special case " a bit of diversity in your myopia. Why market the grand simplicities that don't work .Friedman got the noble prize but Galbraith was the real brains behind growth in a difficult climate - the people want the sort of growth that is unsustainable - we in the country avoid it naturally because we have knowledge , not ust talk of sustainability .
  If Scott's?  paper is just another drone preaching " 2legs bad, market good " we clearly don't need to read it .