Thursday, October 29, 2009

Celebrating coercion - signs of failure

Minister Robinson( today) thinks he's doing a great job - growing the compliance sectors of planning departments. 40 new jobs in Melbourne alone. He can't see it, but this preoccupation is a sign of degradation; degradation of what was once the jewel and crown of government - its ability to plan ; to lead : a lead focused on giving freedom and liberty to the people.(Not that our generation have lokked more than skin deep into this whole question) More here
Thinking people of all persuasions do well to read a bit of A.N.Whiteheads work. His wide rangeing critique of the inadequate intellectual world of those who talk science, but practice voodoo antipates by nearly a century ago , the current stumbling blocks to successful planning.
. Take the misplaced concreteness evident in the policy frameworks of modern planning documents . Clearly most of those writing it went to the School of Mere Description and would be happy to indulge in brilliant feats of explaining away Victorian style 2009
Rather than giving the applicant advice, they give him a headache!

A few people had a good laugh and cry today when one prominent Victorian Public servant said she couldn't make a decision because "the policy framework was not in place ". More here ( the Victorian Planning System 2009) Whatever she meant , she said it all !