Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The government are making huge mistakes by lecturing us about good and bad behaviour

Thinking people, in the face of patronising nonsense (good ideas roughly implemented) ,can be predicted to rebel.
Clearly our current leaders don't understand the efficiencies of modern democracies - nip the problem in the bud --not in the courtroom.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

From ABCTV "As many of us know,

the badge of "old Christian school" is no guarantee against complacency,heresy, and blinkered bullheadedness in some matters of principle.
The risk, for those who attend church schools , as the facts of the story at Haileybury testify, is not indoctrination in the great free choice and personal performance traditions of mere christianity, but innoculation against them.
The risk is single focus, cloning and indoctrination in the blinkered streaming channels of high performance market model worship."

As Dostoyevsky might have added, "If there is no God , the idols take over in every corner of the world ". History witnesses well to that risk , Mr Mcintyre.
The battle is out there in the mind as Grahame Morris pointed out -- but who is on HIS tram .
No need to darken the doors of a building called church, or identify too closely with institutions stuck in their seats. How dumb and superficial is that!
Just close your eyes and reflect -remember that some where in your mind as Bob Dylan said " you gotta serve somebody " there in the mind . No options ?

"Every good rationalist needs to keep in mind the boundaries of his own worldview" Mate

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The clouds over the Migration act have moved
methinks this legislation has got to do more with desperation than responsible decisionmaking -the job of parliament.
We have enough bad law .At least the controversy has flushed out some argument ; what a win for truth Talking and discussing - Surely it shouldn't take members losing incumbenecy to get the public debate going .
Even amanda has finally put the point of cost and others the point of well needed discouragement factors . We might support youmore if you share the dilemma with us - a small minority of bloggers that is !

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Religions create wars - therefore I am not religious!

After all -"all religions do is create wars".the chant oft repeated . NO as Ghandi said - Men create wars

One of the greatest paradoxes of the new milleneum is the failure of most anti-religious elements in the West to take their own tutors seriously.
Modern mind Science supports the idea and importance of all people having "a religion" It's not only good for you, you have to have one to be sane . Denial doesn't avoid the risk that religion creates- the thing that drives people. Sure religions are dangerous but so are hormones , ideas and life forces.
Shock horror you say! You mean we have to have one ! what about if it we just don't call it religion ( maybe it will go away? ), like the ageing reactionaries in the West do ; Boxing into thin air like the babes they are!

NO The box is not to be rejected, but accepted and faced like any Dangerous part of our pyche.

We all need a world view to live. We can use our world vew to kill too , but to NOT take the whole idea seriously is anti western intellectaul . all the West will do by denying religion is find excuses to DO nothing and DO nothing positive to resist the WVs that we really do disagree with . Pretending we have no emotions - no religion is no defence - infact its more dangerous than we admit here in this country right now !

DENIAL of this reality turns attention away from the real issue in daily politial affairs yes religion is critical and if you need a word for it try World view .
American theologian William Cavanaugh at Melbourne University this month,

The myth plays a valuable role for secularists. It helps them marginalise Christians and demonise Muslims, and creates a blind spot about violence by the West. It confirms an "us" (the rational, peace-making, secular West) against a "them" (violent fanatics in the Muslim world). To quote Cavanaugh: " Their violence is religious, and therefore irrational and divisive. Our violence, on the other hand, is rational, peace-making and necessary. Regrettably, we find ourselves forced to bomb them into the higher rationality."

Most religious believers have bought this myth, too. They try to fight it by two arguments. First, they say that violence in the name of religion is really usually about politics or economics. Second, they claim that people who perpetrate violence, by definition — the Crusaders, for example — are not really religious.

Australian Muslims constantly say this of terrorists: "These people aren't really Muslims, because Islam is a religion of peace." I understand their predicament, but the argument doesn't work.

First, it's impossible to separate religious motives from the rest to make religion innocent. So the first argument by defenders of religion shares the same flaw as the myth itself. How can you separate religion from politics in Islam when Muslims themselves make no such separation?

Complete article - three pages :

Friday, March 03, 2006

Labor party is confused over what freedom is

Freedom to is always the bigger issue than freedom from . Julia Gillard, in advocating freedom of choice for abortion seekers is loud, but surely she is she deaf ? - Like a laizze faire mum of the 60's . deaf both to the past , the lessons of the present and therefore the future .
Governments role is not about being a voice for teenage like calls for "freedom from ". The job , Julia is not as easy as ringing some childish 60"s bell about "What I want '.
“The children” have been getting what they want .
No wonder Labor is in the doldrums and Mr Howard can actually, this week , get away with saying his Party is the one with values - its more accurate than it should be for the health of our democracy!