Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Be a more effective listener

By knowing whose talking; i mean really ! . We all need a caution, when filled with that excitement we get when we feel that urge to point the finger; to remind us of why we don't want the world to be filled with talk about everyone elses faults; To remind us that , what we think is happening, may not be actually what is happening.
When we think we know what motivates another- it may just be an echo ;a projection ; an idea from the off shoulder noisemaker?
The Western tradition is to " not listen" (and therefore not speak / accuse )until there is 2 or more witnesses. Good to keep quiet - model the noise breakers !
Essential that those who claim to be Liberal and promote its great cause amongst us , not only understand it - but practice it -Mr Turnbull !
Be a more effective listener .....and then you will be a more effective mounted warrior!