Thursday, December 15, 2011

Two Prime Ministers - 2 parliaments

If nothing else , the situation in Papua New Guinea today  should remind the world that just having the parliamentary process doesn't mean it will work ( both parties in this poor country believe in it ) . That seriously dangerous  myth that Form is content has caused the 1st world to invest heavily in free elections in the 3rd World when any sound engagement with another country MUST face the fact that if the people aren't already sharing and developing their wealth : no amount of ballots will help them achieve that .( How effectively do the leadership represent both rich and poor ?)
(If the press could kill the quickfix myth that drives such stupidity before it gets a life of its own the world would be a different place) . Even progress brings hope so nothing is impossible here .
Greenlabor here in Australia are dumb enough to let our sequestered carbon burn or rot ( Bush fires in the last decade ) rather than face  up to the sound foreign policy fact that schools can be built , and issues of development pushed , with timber  NOW left to rot in eastern Victoria

If 1% of the money that has been spent on trying to set up a process of democratization by the West in the last 2 decades  had been spent on education and engagement on the above matters - amazing what is possible .
This problem of accepting mere perception  is not going to go away and its going to cost the west big in instability due to the waste of investment  . If leaders of poor countries do not address inequalities in their own country  and find ways to grow them ( with help of outsiders ) hope inside the country is denied ( the issue here and in many places)  .The  Big man politics of old never worked --but what's the alternative / Why is big man politics now so common and threatening ?
The answer is quite simple - because the philosophy which set up schools and hospitals and basic care for the poorest people in a country has been abandoned . The missionaries had it right and its time for non believers to dig a lot deeper,  before they , like the USA go and spend their future on trying to impose democracy on some poor country ( like Iran ) because "its meant to work "( techniques that have god power? )

I am not suggesting that helping the poor  is simple . Infact Christians and other market advocates still have a long way to go to understand why Islam is more popular in their rural areas ,,, and THEN what they can about it ( my point is that poverty is perpetuated by simplicity stricken philosophies of governance  as much as it is by a scarcity of  resources. The singlemindedness that has made  secondary industry so successful in the West  is far too simplistic to be the main model in relation to earth care issues ).
All intervention must also recognise how things like rural poverty ,and the means to avoid it,  are being ignored by those whose quick fix is the successful models of western development;( majority of people in the West ???)  which simply do not work in the very sensitive but uniquely resilient world of  agriculture and environment.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Too clever for words

Albanese is so out of touch he celebrates the AMOUNT OF LEGISLATION the Feds  have passed this year . Its not parenting and governance - it groping around in the dark . Its the sort of distorted desperation of a parent who comes home after years of disengagement , to set rules on everything.   Worse for our culture, which is built on a specific balance between liberty and law,on set big picture rules that have worked for centuries to ones where   its overload from petty paper warfare , petty crime crap and legal leggings for everyone. Transport us to Tasmania please!

Greenlabor doesn't understand that  if you don't respect the intelligence of the people,  the thinking ones will ignore you .Modern governments should celebrate the condensation of legislation - the downsizing of documents and guidlines and the reinforcement of good olde methods . All sound Public Servants  know that pollies ignore the great value of the olde for their new stuff , making  2 or 3 term parties a danger to themseleves,  a potential laughingstock when they talk of their focus on governance.

Psychologists would say the god people may well have  got a disease called denial  and projection;  The result of having this disease is that you pretend you have power you don't  ( knowledge is power for a start) - let alone the fact that you won't be at all effective because half hearted efforts just waste taxes - big time ; The bigger the problem , the bigger the waste.
Preoccupation with raw power  ignores the fact that the main  effective way to build prevention strategies in the face of risk is to  build self  respect and self understanding by ditching slogans and encouraging specific education based on a respect for freedom  and a minimum  of laws . Many animals do it better than us !

Having just rested from hugging celebrations over how they have modelled the method  to change the atmosphere by "putting a price on one loose part of it " They have started bribing kids to be well behaved at school . The new clothes look good to them,   but those who can stand back can see through them ( Clearly a price on C  is poorly targeted  and will just hurt us and do nothing about Co2 levels)

The gods in charge NOW also think they can tell The States how to manage their water . The MDC can't even define an environmental flow ( its a critical consideration ) , let alone explain it to those it will affect .
 Having discovered the new techno fix of price controls,  the dummies want to offer bribes to get kids to behave well at school when the price controls on water ( imposed by some States ) just made some brokers rich and some farmers broke . Economic pigmys ?
The gods don't dare take off water restrictions lest they lose control of common sense,( as if they have it) ; they don't confess they've already been sleeping while their ignorant and  fearprone collegues  wasted zillions on desal. We are not short of water - but they haven't worked that out yet .
Ask any good teacher ( not pollies ) and they will tell you : Sometime the problems we see with children are  really a problem generated by the parents , or those who think themselves nannies. God only knows the damage we do by thinking we know .
 The nannies will wet themselves if they ever see how little they really see.

Friday, February 04, 2011

When someone threatens you - is their action wrong ?

Doesn't it depend on whose in the chair at the time ?

Clearly not , but postmodern  principles are watering down our capacity to deal with each other , anger and failure to listen and act responsibly response -like ( I play awe-fully deaf when i get in my chair at night)