Monday, January 30, 2012

Heaven help us

Heaven help us when we need the police to tell us whether we are doing the wrong thing. Can we expect the police and the growing nanny state to provide us final verdicts on more and more things? If we ask for it , maybe we will get it ?
The PM's  press agent is said to have not committed " a crime "after a group stormed a private meeting following his advice on a high level public meeting whereabouts on Australia day . Whether the advisor did anything wrong has not been established . Whether Tony Hodges did anything wrong should be the focus , both for his benefit and for limiting this growing reliance on outsiders for evaluating the moral economy.
Our system of justice means the man himself should speak and be heard,  not the police and the political implications of a non trial and a political proclamation of "there is nothing to answer ' Always better to clear the air - it saves the courts being clogged up with crap that could and should have been sorted out earlier.