Saturday, August 26, 2006

From ABCTV "As many of us know,

the badge of "old Christian school" is no guarantee against complacency,heresy, and blinkered bullheadedness in some matters of principle.
The risk, for those who attend church schools , as the facts of the story at Haileybury testify, is not indoctrination in the great free choice and personal performance traditions of mere christianity, but innoculation against them.
The risk is single focus, cloning and indoctrination in the blinkered streaming channels of high performance market model worship."

As Dostoyevsky might have added, "If there is no God , the idols take over in every corner of the world ". History witnesses well to that risk , Mr Mcintyre.
The battle is out there in the mind as Grahame Morris pointed out -- but who is on HIS tram .
No need to darken the doors of a building called church, or identify too closely with institutions stuck in their seats. How dumb and superficial is that!
Just close your eyes and reflect -remember that some where in your mind as Bob Dylan said " you gotta serve somebody " there in the mind . No options ?

"Every good rationalist needs to keep in mind the boundaries of his own worldview" Mate

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