Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The good that we would

Where is the post modernists theory of action when you really need it ?
gifts, grants, incentives, market forces, private consultants , landcare,self regulation , audits, education or more regulation .
Both political parties are in a mental mess over what works.( look at the waste of words and taxes in environment and health care management) eg They savage the subject of stewardship ( all looks ok- on the surface! ) and mess with my area of expertise and experience of 33yrs.

This waste from the hackers need not be . Our forefathers had a framework and the new innovators in politics ignore it at their peril ( for the Australian way of life)- NOW wasting money on trickets , tokens and the tangible targets of horses going wild and doors being busted .
Time they took stock, kept the logic clear , and stopped so much careless experimenting .

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