Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The temptations of temporary power

Been great to hear the independents speak freely about concerns in their areas . But how far should they push for change when we believe in taking much advice and voting TOGETHER for change .Any change in the consititution is after all completely dependent on consensus,  and that clearly is in question with unpublished agreements made with at least 2independants.
 As the prominent libertarian Shaw acknowledged , the great danger of great evil is still made in the name of the best intention . The admirable intention to recognise injustice to the original inhabitants is not,  in our tradition , to  allow their descendants to make further claims on us . Not permanent property claims anyway.   Opportunity and temporary custody to lease ,  are the "rights", if there are any  . Can we give away what's not ours. can 2 or 3 people offer what is not theirs to give ? ( Leviticus 25:23.)

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journeymanj said...

I posted this note about 2pm before I heard exactly at what cost Labor got the last 2 independents vote .Huge expenditure in 2 electorates and a whole lot of crap talked about regional benefits - some more responsible members of Parliament would be entitled to feel that this sort of leadership unfairness and selfishness deserves to last only a short time. get what you can while you can - feel that shallow idea is more representative of the city than the country. No wonder they are prepared to give away the country in a new preface.